All good things must come to an end.
I started this project in early 2017, which ended up closing down quite a few times. I was hoping it wouldn't anymore, but my hope is up.

Its coming up to 2020, and the inevitable death of Flash is near. Yes, Flash, the thing the client displays through. Unfortunately, due to Flash becoming deprecated, Lucid Hotel, and many other Habbo Retros with not so experienced developers will go down, or atleast become incompatible with all modern browsers. Many hotels will find new ways such as HTML5 to handle their clients, however, I shall not be doing that. I don't want to waste my time your time, or my money on hosting this.

I have fully backed up every single piece of Lucid Hotel if I ever do considering picking it back up.

I'm currently working on an up-coming radio station named Power. It'd be amazing to see you all come along and check us out here

So, I guess this is it. Thank you all for joining me on this crazy adventure, and supporting me all the way. Without y'all, Lucid wouldn't be what it was.

Goodbye, for now.